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Stop The Cyborgs

Thanks for visiting Stop The Cyborgs. This site is an independent website not supported by anything or anyone other than the single and sole creator. The opinions expressed on this site are, at this time, the sole expression of the opinions of it's creator and no one else.

I appreciate your interest in viewing our content whether or not you agree with my views and opinions. This is, after all, America where we can be indivuals and are free to have our own thoughts and viewpoints. If we were all the same, well, then we'd just be Cyborgs too, wouldn't we?

The only support channels for this website are my skills, my work and effort, my time and my personal funds. The only non-personal funding this website receives is via the lone advertisements at the bottom of these pages. Currently those ads account for very little. If you want to help make a difference, VOTE TRUMP!