Who are The Cyborgs?

We are a divided America. The last 8 years have ripped us farther apart than we have been since days before MLK. The Cyborgs are those who stand pat in one political party or another and are pre-programmed to follow strict party lines without question or reason and without listening to the people. Those are The Cyborgs: a human like, but programmed, machine that follows pre-defined instructions rather than being open minded and open eared. We want leaders who LISTEN TO OUR VOICES! We want leaders who aren't concerned about their paycheck or their hidden benefits. We want leaders who aren't concerned about what other Cyborgs think of them. We must STOP THE CYBORGS and Vote TRUMP!

Are YOU A Cyborgs?

The trend now seems to be the #NEVER camp. Are you in the boat with #NEVERTRUMP or a #NEVERCRUZ or even a #NEVERHILLARY? If so, you are likely one of the cyborgs. We need to bring America back and closing our minds to all possibilities that aren't 100% our own viewpoint isn't how we do that. Don't be a cyborg. Open your mind and support bringing America back to greatness. You don't have to support Trump but you should at least be open to possiblities.

Ready For Change!

It's time we change Washington. There are two types of leaders in our Capital: Those who THINK they know what's best for everyone and those who are do what makes the rest of the Cyborgs on their side happy. There are few who LISTEN to the people and make decisions about what WE want. Aren't we ready for a change that shakes up The Establishment and removes years of programming? Let's MAKE A CHANGE and vote TRUMP!

Equal Opportunity

Somewhere along the way Equal Opportunity was given false meaning and was changed to new words altogether. "Fair Share" not only became more common than "Equal Opportunity" as a single statement but in the fog of war in politics "Fair Share" entered into the minds of many people as a complete replacement. "The Land of Equal Opportunity" somehow became "The Land of Fair Share". Let us NO LONGER STAND FOR FAIR SHARE and get back to our roots of EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. FAIR SHARE has been merged into many brains to mean that everyone gets a equal piece of the pie no matter the contribution. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY has always meant, even if The Cyborgs have tried to change it, everyone gets and EQUAL CHANCE TO ATTEMPT SUCCESS and NOT EQUAL OUTCOME OF SUCCESS. Some will fail, some will succeed and these successes and failures are the OUTCOMES, NOT OPPORTUNITY, and are NOT GUARANTEED TO BE EQUAL. Let us vote for EQUAL OPPORTUNITY and vote TRUMP!

How Do We Change It?

As Americans we must elect someone who does not prescribe to being controlled by their political party; someone who does not care if she or he looks good when measured against a hard line that says "you are good Republican" or "you are a good Democrat". The pot has not been stirred for a very long time and it's time to do so! Unite with Donald Trump at your primaries, caucuses and on election day to bring about a change that is sorely needed and help MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and vote TRUMP!


Make America Great Again
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